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February 13, 2015

The answer is in the name.  WOW!  The WOW CUP is no joke!  My good friend Jackie introduced me to this genius, SPILL FREE (!!!), leak-free, 360 degree drink edge, BPA-free WOW CUP!  I don’t think there’s a product I’ve recommended more than this one — and all my friends have been equally impressed.  The designers behind this deserve infinite accolade.

The WOW CUP has taken a tumble from 6 feet off the ground (my husband holding her) to the street, from the car seat / high chair to the floor — and from the swings to the sand.  But, don’t be alarmed.  This won’t disappoint — the WOW CUP really is SPILL / LEAK PROOF.  Plus, my kids love using it!  My older toddler has been using this since she was 2 — and my baby has been using this since she was 6 months.

It’s about ten bucks which is a bit pricey for a plastic cup — but it will save you from headaches, wasted milk and crying children.  A priceless payoff in my opinion.  Let me know what you think!  You can buy it from Amazon or any of the kid friendly stores out there.  Genius engineering!


WOW Cup for Kids

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