A bunch of my friends have been¬†popping out bambinos these days – and they’ve been asking me what I think are the MUST HAVE registry items. There are a few of my favorite things like the incredibly light¬†and easy-to-fold¬†City Mini Baby Jogger stroller, Pampers¬†and a breast pump,¬†etc. — and helpful things like the My Breast Friend.

What I think is of equal importance to know though is what NOT to get.  What are the most returned and overrated baby registry items, you ask? 


1.  The diaper wipe warmer.  

Aside from numerous complaints that the diaper wipe warmer dries out diapers, bacteria and mold growing on the wipes have been an issue as well. ¬†Also – unless you’re sticking your wipes in the freezer before using them, your wipes aren’t going to be that¬†cold. ¬†And¬†what happens when you’re out in public (in the park, in the car, at a party, at the mall)? ¬†Will you really be running to the nearest plug to warm those suckers up? ¬†Return.

2.  The Beaba Babycook.

¬†It’s cute, cool and convenient. ¬†But it doesn’t do anything that a blender and pot can’t do. ¬†Go ahead and buy it if you have the extra cash (and the extra kitchen space). ¬†But I have a feeling you already have a blender and pot in your kitchen’s repertoire. ¬†Return.

3.  The bottle warmer.  

The same feeling I have about the Beaba Babycook applies here. ¬†It’s fine if you have the extra cash and counter space. ¬†But there’s nothing that the bottle warmer¬†does that a hot bowl of water can’t do. ¬†Return.

4.  Changing table.  

You will use this for one hot second. ¬†(Maybe for the first couple of days after you bring the baby home.) ¬†Then you’ll change the baby anywhere. ¬†The couch, the bed, the floor, the back of your SUV. ¬†You will end up using the changing table in the way people end up using treadmills. ¬†Return.

5. Swaddle blankets.  

STEAL THE STURDY ONES FROM THE HOSPITAL. ¬†All the cute Aden and Anais swaddle blankets¬†are adorable and organic and soft — and we actually love them. ¬†But they’re not sturdy enough for swaddling, enabling¬†your baby to¬†bust through like the Incredible Hulk. ¬†Kindly ask the nurse at the hospital if you can take some extra blankets home. ¬†These are the perfect size and sturdiness. ¬†We ended up just using our cute¬†Aden and Anais swaddle blankets to cover up the hospital ones for photo op purposes or to use as regular blankets. ¬†They’re soft and adorable – so keep them if you need regular blankets (not for swaddling). ¬†Otherwise, return.

This is not to say that people don’t enjoy¬†the aforementioned. ¬†If you’re not on a tight budget at the moment, then yes – there may be joy to be found in them. But these are not¬†necessities.¬† Focus on diapers, diapers, diapers (!!), baby bottles and a crib. ¬†Oh, and congrats on your little one!¬†


Baby Registry Items to Skip
Photo by Bella Sky Photography


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