A bunch of my friends have been¬†popping out bambinos these days – and they’ve been asking me what I think are the MUST HAVE registry items. There are a few of my favorite things like the incredibly light¬†and easy-to-fold¬†City Mini Baby Jogger stroller, Pampers¬†and a breast pump,¬†etc. — and helpful things like the My Breast Friend.

What I think is of equal importance to know though is what NOT to get.  What are the most returned and overrated baby registry items, you ask? 


1. ¬†The diaper wipe warmer. ¬†Aside from numerous complaints that the diaper wipe warmer dries out diapers, bacteria and mold growing on the wipes have been an issue as well. ¬†Also – unless you’re sticking your wipes in the freezer before using them, your wipes aren’t going to be that¬†cold. ¬†And¬†what happens when you’re out in public (in the park, in the car, at a party, at the mall)? ¬†Will you really be running to the nearest plug to warm those suckers up? ¬†Return.

2. ¬†The Beaba Babycook. ¬†It’s cute, cool and convenient. ¬†But it doesn’t do anything that a blender and pot can’t do. ¬†Go ahead and buy it if you have the extra cash (and the extra kitchen space). ¬†But I have a feeling you already have a blender and pot in your kitchen’s repertoire. ¬†Return.

3. ¬†The bottle warmer. ¬†The same feeling I have about the Beaba Babycook applies here. ¬†It’s fine if you have the extra cash and counter space. ¬†But there’s nothing that the bottle warmer¬†does that a hot bowl of water can’t do. ¬†Return.

4. ¬†Changing table. ¬†You will use this for one hot second. ¬†(Maybe for the first couple of days after you bring the baby home.) ¬†Then you’ll change the baby anywhere. ¬†The couch, the bed, the floor, the back of your SUV. ¬†You will end up using the changing table in the way people end up using treadmills. ¬†Return.

5.¬†Swaddle blankets. ¬†STEAL THE STURDY ONES FROM THE HOSPITAL. ¬†All the cute Aden and Anais swaddle blankets¬†are adorable and organic and soft — and we actually love them. ¬†But they’re not sturdy enough for swaddling, enabling¬†your baby to¬†bust through like the Incredible Hulk. ¬†Kindly ask the nurse at the hospital if you can take some extra blankets home. ¬†These are the perfect size and sturdiness. ¬†We ended up just using our cute¬†Aden and Anais swaddle blankets to cover up the hospital ones for photo op purposes or to use as regular blankets. ¬†They’re soft and adorable – so keep them if you need regular blankets (not for swaddling). ¬†Otherwise, return.

This is not to say that people don’t enjoy¬†the aforementioned. ¬†If you’re not on a tight budget at the moment, then yes – there may be joy to be found in them. But these are not¬†necessities.¬† Focus on diapers, diapers, diapers (!!), baby bottles and a crib. ¬†Oh, and congrats on your little one!¬†


Photo by Bella Sky Photography


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