Brittany Krystle personal branding expert


Brittany Krystle is en fuego these days and for every reason. She has tapped the market in the personal branding arena, advising the world’s top digital leaders (Gary Vaynerchuck, Marie Forleo and Tom Bilyeu) as well as us laypersons on how to grow our influence.  And in so doing, she lays out why personal branding is important for success. Actually, not just important – but essential.


Brittany Krystle is a Los Angeles reared, Georgetown grad, self-made entrepreneur and a non-practicing lawyer. She is a hustler, a personal brand consultant, a personal brand in her own right, a leader.

I learned about her through The Skinny Confidential on the Him and Her Podcast– -and my only regret is not learning about her sooner.

I’m so grateful that my podcast partner and I got to interview her on our KIMCHI + CHALLAH podcast and get the intel on all that is personal branding, influence and career transitions.


Personal branding defines who you are and who you want to be. It’s about marketing yourself and your career as brands; it’s about building credibility and trust, establishing your objectives, your leadership style and your identification in and out of the workplace. It is not about self-promotion; it is about identification.

In today’s day of social media, any boss can look up a potential hire, any investor can look up the CEO/founder’s 411, any casting director or producer can look up actors. It is crucial to take charge of how you want to represent yourself.

It will enhance your life no matter what, whether in the personal or professional field – which I guess is one in and the same these days.

Check out her interview on her podcast, BEYOND INFLUENTIAL.


It will be your greatest investment and time well spent.

Brittany Krystle personal branding expert

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