What's Your Preschooler Saying

What’s your preschooler saying these days?  Kids say the darnedest things!

Eliana makes me laugh so hard these days.  She learns things at school and then puts her knowledge to task when we hit the real world.

After learning about diversity during Black History Month, I got this:

Eliana:  “Mommy, remember when we were at Whole Foods and the man didn’t hold the elevator for us?  He was a bully and didn’t like the color of our skin.”

Still working on pronunciation:

Eliana:  “I want to wear slip slops.”

Learning about leaders:

Me:  “Who’s the president?”

Eliana:  Obama

Me:  “Who’s the Vice President?”

Eliana:  “Vitamin.”

Naïveté getting the best of her:

Eliana: “Mommy, look!  There’s a ballet barre!  Why is there a ballet barre in the bathroom?”

On living in LA:

Eliana:  “I want a menorakah.  They are very beautiful.”

And, last but not least … my least favorite, but hands down — her all time go-to…..

Me: “Stop copying me.”
Eliana: “Stop copying me.”

Enjoy this age.  It’s a sassy riot!  HAPPY MONDAY!



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