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Admittedly, I’m not the most tech savvy gal. Mercifully, I can manage the basics; email, web search, posting on social media, but my skills beyond that are limited. I know I know, it’s something I have to work on given the Digital Age is upon us, but I’mold school. I’ll get there. Eventually. When I’m done reading all my books in print. Or when I’m forced to take action, as I was today.

I was getting a lazy start to my Monday, as I’m wont to do (Mondays are my all time favorite. I know I sound crazy, but to me they are so peaceful and serve as a reminder of just how thankful I am for my current life). The NYT crossword puzzle, a cup of hot tea in a new mug, a post on social media. Or so I thought. As I went to upload the picture, I noticed that the library of photos I was offered a choice from was nearly 2 years old. There was a glitch. Either in my Instagram app, or in my camera on my iPhone 5 (yep, that’s how much of a technology resister I am).


Aside from the fact, this was a blatant reminder that I needed to clear my phone of the old and make room for the new, I found myself taking a really sweet jaunt down memory lane. The next image available happened to have been a video and when I played it, Caleb relished in the joy of hearing his 2 year old voice. And I did too. Before I knew it, we were down the wormhole of watching all of the old videos. It was unreal to hear his sweet voice and see his baby face. I had a weird pang of nostalgia as those days felt like yesterday and I felt as if I was no further along in my journey and station in life, yet here it was, a reminder of just how far we had come. And while I have absolutely no burning desire for that baby stage, it was sweet to relive it for a morning. (albeit, safely from the touch a button vs in actuality. I can’t stand the crying). It’s amazing how much you notice when you’re removed from the moment and have a minute to reflect. Caleb was SO verbal. Even before he was 2 he had a mastery of the alphabet and was speaking in full sentences. It’s crazy to see how the everyday activities that occupy our existence have changed. In one morning I was able to see the evolution – from me drawing on his chalkboard wall, to him recognizing the things I’ve drawn, to him spelling out the letters I’ve written to where we’re at now: his drawings of objects, his spelling of words, his own handwriting on the board.


All in all this sweet little glitch was LOVELY and I know Caleb thought so too as that is the word he chose to write for the week of L we are now in.

And as I look back and reflect, and notice how Caleb was communicating with me at every turn, I do so hope I was able to hear him in the moment and respond appropriately. And as we look to the future and that which is to come, I guess that’s all I can continue to hope for: that I always hear him, see him and meet him exactly where he’s at. Now, tomorrow, always. It was the perfect way to close out the year. Giving a nod to where we were, relishing the joy of where we are, and being ever hopeful about the future we will embody.

Lovely indeed.

See you in 2017!


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