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SEOULFULL GOOD KARMA K-BEAUTY FACE OIL is the best K-beauty face oil on the market. Moreover, it’s a go-to among the top beauty influencers such as Lauryn Evarts, Dr. Mona Vand and KTLA’s beauty expert, Stacy Cox – and we understand why.

Also, the main active ingredient is watermelon seed oil.  It is a potent secret in many K-beauty antiaging skincare products! Also, it’s packed with antioxidants, minerals, and Omega 3,6, & 9 fatty acids.


Here’s more on why we love it:⁣

  •  restores skin elasticity ⁣
  • fights acne⁣
  • reverses sun damage⁣
  • reduces puffiness and hydrates⁣


+ First, it has organic citrullus lanatus: hydrates, reduces sun damage, fights acne, detoxifies, diminished dark circles. 
+ Second, the product has organic jojoba oil: moisturizes, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, fights bacteria
+ Third, it contains frankincense: reduces the appearance of large pores and acne blemishes, tightens skin
+ Further, it has organic rosehip seed oil: reduces scars, hydrates, corrects dark spots and fine lines, stimulates collagen,
combats free radicals that cause aging, helps with eczema and scarring
+ Seoulfull has organic vitamin e oil: reduces the appearance of scars, combats dry skin
+ Also, it has sandalwood: reduces signs of aging, exfoliates, enhances brightness
+ The product contains fragrance oil (acetone-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free)

In Korea, the number 7 symbolizes the concept of good luck and all the positive benefits that surround it.

Best K-Beauty Face Oil on a dropper
photo by Smitty Imaging, Ltd.


So, Seoulfull Skin is available at The Kimpton Hotel in West Hollywood / GBK Brand Bar as well as The Pantry LA on Melrose and boutiques across Los Angeles. Also, you will soon be able to find it via livestream e-commerce on Orca Livestream. And it’s always available online at


$45 (2oz) in original scented or fragrance-free.

woman dropping Best K-Beauty Face Oil on a product bottle
photo credit: Wendy Starland



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