I love Korea so much that I visited my motherland three times in the last two years. In APRIL, there were breathtaking cherry blossoms and crisp, cool weather. In October, the trees were blanketed by the most stunning and richly colored autumnal leaves. And in June / July, there were fun music concerts in the parks, loads of bingsu cafes to indulge in and vibrant tourism stirring about! It’s the perfect land to visit all year round!  Korea in the Summer is hot and humid indeed, but it’s still fab. Check out some of my photos (taken from various places in South Korea) and be sure to add Korea to your bucket list!

I made my most recent trip with my Taekwondo school and brought along my entire family.

{ and away we go… lax  –> seoul }


{ first stop… seoul. sometimes it was rainy and muggy, other times hot and dry. }

{ underground shopping. oksa, anyone? }

{ k-beauty (my obsession) is poppin’ everywhere! }

{ we visited the lotte world tower which is 123 floors and the 5th tallest building in the world. and yes, we headed straight to the top! }

{ spotted this building in the middle of seoul at cheonggyecheon. i can’t make this up. }

{ gyeongbokgung palace. where modern meets tradition }

{ i showed my daughter the history of her predecessors at the korean war museum }

{ taken outside of the museum of korean history in seoul }

{ we headed to jeju island where tourists and residents flock. it’s a stunning island where you can eye the waterfalls, walk the sands and bathe in lushness. It’s a quick 45 minute flight from seoul. }

{ beach swimming at 9:00 pm }

{ this was taken at jeju island’s national stone art museum. }

{the interior of a traditional home in jeju island }

{ traditional jars used to make kim chee }

{ we stayed at the shilla hotel where everything is clean, artistic, adorable and intentionally done. this is their poolside sleeping pod. }

{ poolside food for the kids }

{ food fare … here is a photo of our friend cyrus enjoying ramen with gatorade. east meets west? }


{ we visited this amazing michelin approved restaurant }

{ and this happened }

{ we found a beautiful tea shop in Insadong that served green tea shaved ice (below) and chilled mitsugaru, a heavenly treat!)

{ also in insandong was this hilarious turkish ice cream man. ice cream comedy! }

{ the beautiful bulguksa buddhist temple }



{ north chungcheong }

{ we visited pyeongchang, where the winter olympics will be taking place! they’re already beginning to prep.}

{ alas, the trip ended. and we headed back to cali..cali…cali. until next time. 안녕}

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