morning beauty regimen

A solid morning regimen is critical for ensuring you have a day that works in your favor. And included in that is having a morning beauty routine that makes you look and feel glorious!


Here are my go-to practices and items I need to kickstart my every morning!


I need need need (!) my morning cup of jo – and I won’t be apologetic for it! Luckily for me, studies show that coffee carries with it a slew of anti-aging benefits. It protects against liver cancer, type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s — and it improves cognitive function and decreases depression.

La Colombe has been my favorite ever since my sister turned me onto it from her PENN days! La Colombe hails from Philadephia — and the coffee is rich, smooth and so crazy good! Go for the Organic Bleu beans which carry with it a milk chocolateĀ hint. (Their super popular Corisca is awesome too!)

You can buy it online or at a local store. They’re popping up in Los Angeles now, much to my happiness!

box of la colombe coffee and a mug with coffee for MORNING BEAUTY ROUTINE

If, however, I’m drinking it cold, then I turn to my SECRET SQUIRREL COLD BREW. I’ve talked about it a bunch before. While La Colombe is the best coffee for hot coffee, Secret Squirrel is the best if you want an iced cold latte.

glass of iced coffee

However, as we all know, coffee is no bueno for the teeth! How do I reverse all the damaging effects on my pearly whites?!


My newfound love and a consistent part of my morning beauty regimen (and nighttime regimen) isĀ SUPERSMILE.

I scoured the internet looking for an answer to teeth whitening. My crest strips and whitening toothpaste were no longer doing the trick. And I realized it was because none of these products worked on BONDING or veneers or anything that isn’t your natural tooth. So the bonding on my teeth wasn’t able to be whitened. (And my children, for sure, liked to remind me of that!)

Enter SUPERSMILE. They promise to whiten your teeth up to 6 shades (or 9 shades if you buy the Extra White version). And it worked, I swear, after the first use. And now I’m hooked. It’s the only whitening toothpaste that works on my teeth. My extra white version is coming in the mail soon – and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. And it’s safe for pregnant and nursing mothers! (But, as always, consult your Doogie Howser.)

supersmile toothpaste for MORNING BEAUTY ROUTINE



Can you drink yourself gorgeous? The answer is yes! My favorite green online marketplace, Musely, has a new product out — and it’s appropriately called HELLO BEAUTIFUL! It’s a beauty potion that will unlock all the potential of collagen and will turn your skin around!

CollagenĀ is what keeps our faces firm and taut! As we get older, we don’t produce much of it anymore– so that is why taking a supplement such as Hello Beautiful is so crucial!

It’s so easy! I love the mixed berry flavor. You just throw the packet in water and drink it over the course of 4 hours. (I use it to wash down my morning supplements.) If you use the unsweetened variety, then you can throw it in your coffee, your smoothie, your anything! You don’t even know it’s there.

hello beautiful collagen drink in a glass for MORNING BEAUTY ROUTINE

two packs and a box of hello beautiful collagen & multivitamin powder

After I am done with my coffee, supplements, collagen powder and breakfast – I go upstairs and ready my face up. I put on a couple serums, slather my face in my new favorite facial oil and follow it up with sunscreen. Then it’s time for concealer, foundationĀ and you get the gist.

Thanks for letting me cheerlead on about my morning beauty regimen. Although I sound like an ad (because I get so super excited!), nothing in this post is sponsored. I just love talking about my favorite products that work for me and love sharing them with you! Thanks for reading!



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