If you’re a parent of a toddler and you live in a sun drenched city, I can bet¬†your mornings are delayed trying to slather on the¬†sunscreen. ¬†Wiggly kids, screaming kids and so on.

Someone came to my rescue the other week.  And that would be HUGH JACKMAN aka THE WOLVERINE aka SKIN CANCER SURVIVOR and father of two!

He was on the¬†Doctor Oz show as a featured guest, discussing his new product – kids sunscreen¬†(by Pure Sun Defense)! ¬†And…it’s all in the packaging! ¬†We, the¬†parents, care about the SPF; but the kids¬†get excited about the “Frozen,” “Spider Man,” “Despicable Me” pics plastered on the bottles. ¬†My toddler thinks she’s smearing Frozen all over her — so she’s been reapplying nonstop. ¬†Hey, whatever works, right?

I can’t vouch for where it’s placed on the EWG spectrum as it’s not yet listed; however, we do know it’s non toxic, chemical free and pediatrician approved!

Now go cook a 10 course meal with all the time I just saved you. ¬†You’re welcome.

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  • Dr Oz is an advertising juggernaut…but as important as it is to protect yourself and your kids from UVB/UVA…these use the sun protection chemicals of the benzone family that reaerachers say are linked to have hormonal disruptions (especially in developing girls). You’re safer with a zinc oxide type of sunscreen instead. Zinc sunscreens block/reflect radiation while this type actually absorbs radiation and releases it as heat.

  • Btw, it’s far from “chemical free”! It’s ALL chemicals! (It is fragrance free tho)

    Active Ingredient
    Avobenzone 3%
    Homosalate 13%
    Octisalate 5.0%
    Octocrylene 7%,
    Oxybenzone 4%

  • Hi GH! ..yes, now i’m able to do the zinc oxide..but when she was 2 and refused sunscreen – this was the ONLY way i was able to put it on her! ūüôā

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