AUDREY MAGAZINE FASHION SHOW 2015 – a mommy’s night out

Audrey Magazine Fashion Show 2015

So that was fun.

As my friends know, it’s rare these days for my husband and I to go out. ¬†Long gone are the days of venue hopping to see 2-3 music shows a night. ¬†Our¬† social life consists of play dates, kid¬†birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers , weddings and naps. ¬†Somehow just that eats up our entire calendar.

Anna Park, the editor of Audrey Magazine (a chic Asian-American magazine for whom I freelance) invited my husband and me to the show.  And so we went.

My husband and I shacked up the babies with a sitter and headed to the Arts District in DTLA for Audrey Magazine’s 2015 Fashion Show. ¬†It was¬†held in a cool¬†urban warehouse and hosted by Jeannie Mai¬†(THE REAL).

It was a pretty notable outing for me as Jeannie Lee,¬†the owner of one my favorite LA boutiques (Satine), curated the Summer Collections runway. ¬†I kept nudging my husband with a “I want that one. ¬†And that one.”


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Audrey Magazine Fashion Show 2015
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Audrey Magazine Fashion Show 2015
Audrey Magazine Fashion Show 2015
Audrey Magazine Fashion Show 2015


There was a hosted bar (which never helps me, since I don’t drink) — but the best part of the evening (aside from the stunning summer lines) was an EYE OPENING performance by the beatbox duo¬†Mike Song and Krnfx.



And that’s that. ¬†We weren’t even out THAT late; but these old fogies almost fell asleep at the wheel.

It was well worth venturing out. ¬†Another favorite added to my collection. ¬†And the kids didn’t even know we were gone.


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