want pearly whites but have sensitive teeth?


My friend Sydney jokes that I have body dysmorphia of my teeth.  I see yellow when she sees white.  I’m not really THAT bad — but I am down for all things oral health / dental care related — and I do love a promise of 5 shades lighter!

Want pearly whites but have sensitive teeth?

The problem though is that I can’t do any of the bleaching trays, white strips, etc.  My sensitive teeth are SO delicate that even the WIND hurts them after a Crest white strips session.



SENSODYNE ProNamel Toothpaste for sensitive teeth
SENSODYNE ProNamel Toothpaste


I heeded the wisdom of my dentist (former President of the American Dental Association, current spokesman for the Academy of General Dentistry and a top notch dentist with patients that stay with him for 30+ years).  He told me to put some SENSODYNE PRONAMEL over my teeth and gums and just let it rest.  Wash the dishes, take a shower and then rinse it out.  You can even put a small amount before bedtime, if you choose.

And somehow it works!  I can now whiten my teeth…and no sensitivity!  Give it a whirl and…CHEEEEESE!!


three women with white but sensitive teeth
Friends Mary Klimek, Nadja Brunner and me


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