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Crème de la Crèam :: SHISEIDO EYE CREAM


Perusing beauty blogs voiced by the 20-something set in search of skincare and anti-aging secrets is like asking a long distance marathon runner for her tips on staying so slim.  It helps no one. So whom do you ask?  I have a full-time job, a freelance gig, kids who don’t sleep,  a 60-minute commute and I’m trying to train for my third-degree black belt.  I.  DON’T.  SLEEP!  I need all the beauty help I can get.

My age-defying facialist is the head esthetician at one of the top face and body spas in Los Angeles.  The most coveted faces (Prince, Jessica Alba etc.) have visited her hands to keep them looking beautiful, fresh and youthful.  Generally, these sorts of spas and their estheticians promote their own line’s products — so naturally, I asked what eye cream she recommended for me.  (Really, I just wanted to know what she’s been using.  She’s been knee deep in her career for many, many years, allowing me to gather that she’s in her 30s, 40s or even mid-40s.  Her skin is like a newborn’s bottom – but also dewy and illuminating and fresh!)

She confided in me, “Actually, I only use Shiseido’s eye cream.”  She told me to try it since it’s super hydrating and not too expensive and is better than any of the creams out there that can cost hundreds of dollars.

And it really is the best!


I’ve done all the real natural stuff (slathering foods that can be found in my kitchen (coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, Oh My!)), products marketed as natural (Dr. Haushka, Kiehls, Burts Bees) to the La Prairies and SKIIs of the world.  And guess what?  She’s right.  The Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist eye cream really is the best!

It is ultra rich and moisturizing and is specifically formulated to address crow’s feet and under-eye wrinkles, while also counteracting the loss of firmness and preventing future wrinkles.  Sometimes I even add it right under my eyes on my cheekbone area to give me that added dewy look.  It minimizes fine lines instantly!  I’m obsessed.  Too bad Amazon doesn’t have it under their subscribe and save services.  Until then — order it from Nordstrom.com or Sephora.com since they throw in free samples.  Smile (without creases), age gracefully… and…You’re Welcome!

Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream
Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream

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