Move over baggy sweaters and slouchy winter joggers, SUMMER IS HERE! And so are its swimwear, short shorts (for you ladies and Tobias Fünkes out there) and bicep revealing tees. So I thought it apropos to write a JILLIAN MICHAELS APP review in case you needed some help on how and where to get in shape!

When I heard of JILLIAN MICHAELS’ APP – I was thinking it could perhaps serve as some guidance for good, challenging exercises for those who aren’t accustomed to being active on the daily. OK, So I was entirely wrong!



To put it bluntly, I’m a workout snob. I need sweat inducing, heart pumping cardio/strength training! I love my taekwondo training rigorous, my yoga hot, my music blaring, and my at-home workouts fast, efficient and effective!

It turns out, I am such a huge fan of Jillian Michaels’ app, it made its way to my ANTI-AGING ARSENAL Part 2 — which will be coming up on the blog soon!



JILLIAN MICHAELS provides one heckuva workout — and the best part is that you can choose the timing you want (do you have 1 hour in the mornings or only 6 minutes in between meetings?) – and it’s custom made for you. For the time you have, for the body parts you want to hone in on — or whether you’re craving cardio, strength training or a full body workout. You can even set it to your own music! (And she caters a meal plan for you too!) Nothing could be more convenient for all of us time-crunched working parents who want to prioritize our families’ needs while keeping our own physical and emotional health riding on top too.

JILLIAN MICHAELS app with recipes And it’s HARD. Heart pumping, I-have-to-take-a-break (if you choose the “medium” or “hard” setting) hard!

The videography, the camera angles and JILLIAN MICHAELS’ approach are welcoming and easy to follow. None of the screaming in your face that you’re used to from THE BIGGEST LOSER! Here, she is your coach and your guide. She makes it all palatable and shows you how it’s uber doable, super sustainable and super fun!

It’s great for the fitness newbie – or the advanced athlete and workout snob. She has a variety of programs (I’m on the 30 day Bikini Body program!) so there’s something for everyone.

Consider it the Pocket Michaels — and let JILLIAN be your private trainer for less than $10 / month! And you get to try it for 7 days FREE. Why flippin’ not, right?!

What I’m most psyched about is that MS. JILLIAN MICHAELS will be traveling with me while I’m on my summer excursions so I don’t have to stress about missing my workouts. I’ll be traveling with her, my sunscreen, my tanks and ma’ bikini bod in tow. Download it now!

JILLIAN MICHAELS app workout preview



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