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HAPPY FATHER’S DAY – to you and to all these RAD DADS

This is a day to be celebrated.  For giving selflessly and endlessly.

Happy Father’s Day to you, Chris Miller — and to all the dads out there!

…and again a look and an extension of gratitude to these RAD DADS.


+ this Academy Award winning ground breaking historical and cultural icon

Sir Sidney Poitier | Photo copyright: Laszlo Montreal
Sir Sidney Poitier | Photo copyright: Laszlo Montreal

+ and to this Rock n Roll political and social crusader

Tom Morello

+ and to this Black Panther, Berkeley professor and spiritual advisor to the 49ers

Dr. Harry Edwards

+ and to this baddass millionth degree martial artist, actor/writer/producer

Phillip Rhee
Phillip Rhee

+ and to this hilarious and cultural significant Iranian American actor comedienne

Maz Jobrani


Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!  We thank you.

+ featured photo (of my  husband and daughter) by Johnny Choi.

MASTER PHILLIP RHEE His resume is insurmountable.  His modesty and grace are humbling.  His athletic flow is poetic and his prowess inspiring. Master Phillip Rhee is known for many things.  He is the owner and creator of the cult classic “Best of the Best” film franchise (Sony Pictures, Fox, Miramax); he is a 6th degree black…