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The Best New Launches From BIPOC-Owned Beauty Brands – BY W MAGAZINE

byĀ Maryam Lieberman | published by W Magazine on April 19, 2022.

Just like thereā€™s always time to find new beauty products to integrate into your skin and makeup routine, itā€™s important to make time to support all kinds of communities in the beauty space. With so many Black, Indigenous, and POC beauty entrepreneurs releasing new launches monthly, thereā€™s no reason not to dip into a new product or two. (And there is neverĀ not a good excuse for finding an exceptional mask or healing overnight hair oil.) Below, weā€™ve highlighted some of the finest new beauty launches from our favorite BIPOC-owned brands, all of which we have deemed exceptional and absolutely worth your money.

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BIPOC-Owned Beauty Brands

French/Iranian-American Deborah Afshani‘sĀ initiation ontoĀ the fashion landscape began in the New York offices of Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Italia and W, immediately after passing the CaliforniaĀ Bar and becoming an attorney. Ā Born with aĀ discerning tastemaker visionĀ and an insatiable appetite for culture and aesthetics, she knew in her heart that corporateĀ life wasn’t in the cards. Ā She recognized this in…