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Self-Love Journal for Teen Girls: Prompts and Practices to Inspire Confidence and Celebrate You

My super rad friend, Cindy Whitehead, will soon be releasing her latest book, Self-Love Journal for Teen Girls: Prompts and Practices to Inspire Confidence and Celebrate You, and it’s a must-have for all teen and preteen girls. This self-love journal will help girls build their practice of self-love, self-acceptance, self-confidence. It helps them to become the strong women and leaders they are meant to be.


The format of this beautiful and uplifting guided journal will boost the confidence that preteen and teen girls. It can guide them toward finding solutions to facing everyday adolescent challenges. It’s exactly what I needed when I was a child when I was struggling with self-identity, self-confidence and my place in the world.

The Self-Love Journal for Teen Girls is filled with positive affirmations and reflective prompts. It show the girls that they are not alone and can and must express themselves freely. It shows that there is unity in differences.

I am so grateful this was created. I will even be purchasing one for my adult self and will gift them to friends.

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This self-love journal has 4 pillars of self-love. The pillars are self-awareness, self-worth, self-respect, self-care. And, it walks the girls through creative exercises and mindsets and uplifting affirmations. In today’s day where there is so much struggle with mental health due to social media, societal stresses, and the current pandemic we are living in – focusing on mindset is absolutely critical. Therefore, this journal will make the perfect birthday gift. Also a great holiday gift or gift for no reason for all of us living in our current climate.

Even my nine-year-old daughter is loving these exercises. It is her meditative time to focus on herself, her feelings and her needs. She gets to be a kid with adolescent feelings and not have to feel apologetic about them – and most imporantly, not feel alone.

Thank you, Cindy, for always serving as an inspiration for all the young women in America and showing us that it’s critical to prioritize our self-love and practices of self-empowerment.


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