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Here is my list of the best lifestyle blogs out there! ¬†Yes, there are so many lifestyle, health+wellness, DIY, mommy blogs out there these days– but when these gurus’ newsletters come in, I always click open!

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+  Margaret Zhang covers everything from fashion to travel and culture.  Her photos are mesmerizing and the layout is divine and she is utterly gorgeous.  And a law student.  What?!

woman wearing skirt, boots, and leather jacket for BEST LIFESTYLE BLOGS

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+ ¬†I’ve mentioned the blog CUP OF JO¬†a trillion¬†times. Any ‘best of’ list, she’s on. ¬†Joanna Goddard just has it down to a science and I feel like her blogs were written specifically for me. ¬†Exactly of my demo and dead on with respect to my interests. ¬†Love it and love the photog.

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+ ¬†She’s known mainly for being a natural health guru¬†– but she’s a lifestyle guru to me. ¬†She embodies all that’s clean and pure, healthy and happy, dishing tips on¬†belly health, earth and vegan friendly fashion and how to get get the sludge out of your body. ¬†And she’s a mom now – so the best part is she’s starting to reveal her healthy parenting practices!

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+ Jordan Younger was¬†notoriously reprimanded for being The Blonde Vegan who became a non-vegan after she realized that an animal-free diet was no longer working for her and her body’s needs. ¬†Her former fans became angry – but along the way, she gained a whole slew of new followings who relished her healthy practices and the bravery and honesty she embraced.

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+ ¬†HBFIT stands for Health. ¬†Beauty. ¬†Fitness. ¬†Or Hannah Bronfman Beauty Fitness. ¬†She’s rad and fit, hip and beautiful — and reps¬†all that is youthful energy and kickass girl power. ¬†My friend Jackie introduced her to me. ¬†And Hannah Bronfman is what we can “fresh!”

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+  Katie, the wellness mama Рis everything good and amazing.  Her methods of living, parenting, breathing, practicing Рare nothing short of aspirational and inspirational.  I follow her lead, or at least try to, on many of my practices of living.  From beauty to parenting to mind/body healing.  Give it to the Wellness Mama.

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+  The chic and colorful destination for fashion, food, parenting and DIY lifestyle inspiration.  Emily Schuman lives a life of luxury.

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photo courtesy CupcakesandCashmere


+ ¬†I want to be her. ¬†She’s chic and fabulous and beautiful and captivates all that is grace, simplicity, beautiful and clean living. ¬†She lives a gorgeously green life — and offers up a basket of tried and true wellness successes. ¬†Check out her books¬†on¬†living gorgeously green! ¬†Worship her!

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| GOOP |

+ ¬†I know it’s too easy,¬†but I have to add Gwynnie¬†because she does it all so well. ¬†The demo is more upper echelon than I can pretend to be — but all that she does and the way she does it is an inspiration toward¬†aesthetic perfection. ¬†From beauty and fitness and fashion — to¬†alternative medicine, nutrition and anti-aging, Goop’s¬†got the inside scoop.

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+ ¬†Their site is a perfectly curated blend of the best of DIY, home design, interior/exterior designing, meal ideas and makeup tips. ¬†It’s run by Elsie and Emma – a beautiful super¬†creative sister duo. ¬†Their stuff is so fun – you get lost in your clicks before you realize your morning passed you by. ¬†But it’s worth every click!

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photo courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

+++ ¬†That’s all I’ve got for now. ¬†I hope you enjoyed my list of the best lifestyle blogs 2018 out there! ¬†Check back for my interview with the beautiful¬†professional wellness junkie, THE BALANCED BLONDE coming on up!


Kimberly Snyder is¬†the vision of health. ¬†Clean skin, white teeth, toned, bubbly and vibrant. ¬†In other words, she’s a nutritionist — and one of LA’s top ones. ¬†She’s the go-to for Drew Barrymore, Kerry Washington, Amanda Seyfried, Jenna Tatum and Channing Tatum and countless other healthy bodies and minds¬†— and this devout vegan prescribes her…