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My beautiful and loving mother, Gail, always graciously encouraged me from a very young age to embrace my creativity, intuition, inquisitiveness, empathy, mindfulness, wisdom and compassion. Teaching me to see that there was so much more to our world, than that beyond what we were able to see through our physical vision.

She taught me the importance of having an understanding of the connection we have to all life; not only to humanity but the environment and the animal kingdom. This imparted with me the knowledge that we share our lives with all the life that surrounds us on earth. Each and every aspect of it is a precious gift to be treated gently and kindly with love and respect.

riding a bike Mother's Unconditional Love And A Daughter's Hope

The Power Of A Mother’s Unconditional Love And A Daughter’s Hope

Throughout the early years of my journey in this lifetime, we found ourselves facing different experiences. Some are extremely sad and difficult emotional and physical challenges. My father died suddenly when l was two. Then we lost my grandmother (my mum’s mother) as well as my aunt (her sister) within a year of each other. They both had breast cancer when l was 15. (They both played vital roles in my upbringing, following my father’s death). In addition to these difficulties, l sadly experienced bullying at school from my early years as a child, through to high school.

Despite encountering these many challenging experiences, it was my mother’s unwavering, valuable and wise insight that enabled me to blossom into a sensitive, confident, empowered, independent and courageous young woman, who appreciated deeply, a belief that all life was equal. This continued to shape my journey over the coming years.

At 21 years of age, life was beautiful.

l had family and friends whom l simply adored; I traveled extensively around the world through my job. And I continued to immerse myself in my passion for the arts, and writing and enjoyed working as a model.  l was so excited about all the opportunities l had ahead of me.

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However, just prior to my 22nd birthday, l experienced a serious and devastating accident, which left me facing extremely difficult health challenges. My mum once again became my most trusted guide and a beacon of hope. She not only cared for me day to day in a physical capacity but also motivated me from moment to moment; to continue to have the strength to believe in the possibility and presence of miracles. Sharing with me each step of the way, the importance of never giving up on my dreams. Pursuing the life l envisioned and knew in my heart was possible for myself.

Her unwavering dedication toward ensuring my wellbeing on an emotional, spiritual and physical level, keeps me inspired. To this day leaves me inspired by her ability to be so giving of unconditional love.  Even at times when she was getting up at 5:00 am, working 7 days a week. Also, taking care of our home and me. She always found the time to make sure l experienced simple joys each day. Even if it was, a trip to a local store, where l would hop on a mobility scooter, soak up the latest fashions!

And together we would enjoy a nice cup of tea and a piece of our favorite cake!

We began organizing various campaigns, events, and productions to raise awareness for my condition, even having the opportunity travel internationally. l also volunteered on a support line.

My mother’s passion working tirelessly coordinating all of the many projects was truly inspirational. She helped me understand the great importance of knowing that no matter what difficulties l was experiencing in my life, if l empowered myself to choose to live my life from a place of love, hope, truth, compassion, understanding, peace, kindness and consciousness, then anything was possible. The joy, passion and purpose we both received and gave while helping others were deeply fulfilling.

This confirmed the strong desire l had to share, with as many people as possible, this simple but profound message.

Some 13 years after my accident on one beautiful sunny day, l wandered into a small cobblestone village. This was in the countryside of the peak district, in England.  It was a day that would change my life forever. For on this day, my intuition and trust had led me home. It led me to an encounter that would lead to a profound life changing healing experience, where l Re- Discovered my inner Wisdom.

As we both moved forward on our journeys, it became clear that this passionate desire to help others would eventually transform into our life purpose. 

Gail and l continued to re-build our lives, spending time both together and apart, embracing and adapting to the changes we faced along the way.

l deeply acknowledge that the valuable teachings my mother shared with me of the power of love. These lessons played a vital role in my ability to regain my independence and experience my own enlightenment. It helped me find the courage and confidence to follow my true spiritual calling and to spread my wings, and fly.

Mum was always such a natural caregiver.

Her kindness and empathy towards all life, whether it be animals, people or the nature that surrounded us was steadfast. I was always encouraged to speak kindly to even the plants. Speak kindly to all life when they heard words of love they would flourish. Her teachings set such an incredible example for me. Having been raised in a vibrantly creative family environment, my exposure to the arts, writing, and travel, allowed me to immerse myself fully. Immerse in exploring the many diverse and beautiful ways we are able to communicate, express ourselves and connect with each other.

As we both moved forward on our journeys, it became clear that this passionate desire to help others would eventually transform into our life purpose.  When the time came for my journey as The Spiritual Owl (An Intuitive Spiritual Guide, Mindfulness & Motivational Speaker, Author &  Producer) to take flight, l had no doubts l wanted my mum to continue to journey beside me, as my Production Coordinator. It is a role that is integral and essential to the development and growth of The Spiritual Owl.

We understood the many challenges we would face of working so closely together, however, we believed we could be so much stronger that way.  We learned to find a synchronized harmony of balance in our working relationship as mother and daughter. Our ability to be able to intuitively know each other’s needs, from moment to moment, creates a magical dynamic and synergy in the business. It enhances greatly our capability to expand, grow, promote and share our message and offerings; creating and producing mindful and conscious content that is inspiring, profound and entertaining for global mainstream audiences.

My mum is not only a loyal advisor, but she’s also my dearest friend.

She always has my best interests at heart and is completely honest with me. Even though the direct delivery of her truth, at times may be difficult to hear. It always comes from a place of love. With her wisdom as an elder, her unconditional love and unique expertise, she is and continues to be an essential and incredibly fortunate blessing. She’s also an asset in my business.

My Mum is an amazing role model! My greatest influencer, mentor, and wise sage. Also, a truly wonderful example of the power of unconditional love. I’m excited to continue this journey with her. We continue as two beings who understand the great need for a world filled with love and hope for all.

I encourage you all in your lives, to come at everything from a place of love. Personally, I feel there maybe has never been a time more, that our world is in need of the practice of love. Love is one of the highest Vibrations of all. Coming at everything from a place of love helps connect us with our inner wisdom and true heart’s desires; allowing us to have the opportunity to live the most beautifully fulfilled lives and journeys. Living full of clarity, peace, hope, harmony, and balance. The more we have an abundance of unconditional love for ourselves, others, the animal kingdom, and our home earth, the more we open up to the depths of possibility for a world full of pure love.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE - Elaine Sir and her mother