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Dr. Saam Morsehd

LA Natives You Ought To Know ‚Äď Dr. Saam Morshed

The term ‚Äúhero‚ÄĚ is thrown around loosely and indiscriminately nowadays,¬†¬†leading readers to gloss over cover stories where ‚ÄúHERO‚ÄĚ is in large bold caps. However, when someone either overcomes incredible odds or is someone who rescues an individual who cannot help him/herself, then that story should not be overlooked.¬† Dr. Saam Morshed and his story are heroic tales of the latter.

LA Natives You Ought To Know ‚Äď Dr. Saam Morshed

After graduating from Palisades High School in the 90s, Saam left home for his educational and professional crusade.  Unlike the prototypical medical school graduate who enters lucrative careers at well-funded private institutions, Dr. Morshed became one of the few orthopedic surgeons who  enhanced his skill set with a PhD in public health.  He opted to work at a county hospital, dedicate his life to public health and immerse himself in his commitment to the under-served.

With coworkers at the University of California San Francisco, Dr. Morshed helped create IGOT (Institute for Global Orthopaedics and Traumatology) whose mission is to decrease the burden of musculoskeletal injuries in developing countries.  Dr. Morshed also immersed himself on research projects with the military, where he aims to achieve better care of wounded soldiers with limb-threatening injuries.

His most recent and most publicized feat, however, involves Haitian lawyer, Jean Xavier, who suffered unimaginable injury and infection from the catastrophic 7.0 magnitude Haiti earthquake in January of 2010.  Mr. Xavier witnessed his colleagues crushed before his eyes, and was close to losing hope and accepting the loss of his independence resulting from his own life threatening injuries when he met Dr. Morshed.
Unwavering perseverance, compassion and the  resurrection of a man’s life is chronicled here.