Disneyland's DOle Whip Frozen Treat

DISNEYLAND’S DOLE WHIP FROZEN TREAT – gluten free, vegan + paleo!

It is HOT HOT HOT!  103 degrees this weekend, people!  What better than DISNEYLAND’S DOLE WHIP FROZEN TREAT?

I’m hooked on chocolate and my chocolate recipes bible Chocolate Covered Katie.  She offers up quick and easy, healthy and light sweet treats.  Every day this summer we have one of her treats in rotation in our home.


BUT NOW….You know how you’re crazy tired and HOT during your DISNEYLAND afternoons?…..Nothing makes you more relieved than running up to one of their DOLE WHIP carts, right?  Well,  Chocolate Covered Katie has done it again and created a healthy knock off.  It  is one of my GO-TOs…for myself and the little ones.  Read up and eat up!….There’s nothing more refreshing to cool you down.

Here is the recipe!

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Disneyland Dole Whip - photo courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie
Disneyland Dole Whip – photo courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie

Chocolate Covered Katie always provides the nutrition facts — and I worship that about her.


Serving Size:  138 grams (size in photo)

Calories: 56

Fat: .4

Carbs:  13.8

Fiber: 1.6

Protein:  .7

Weight Watchers Points:  0

+ photos courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie.